Having no time for New Year resolutions, I prefer to summarize 2010

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I learned the hard way || All my cakes got burned.
I screamed and sobbed in anger.
I ate more cheese than is reasonable || I drinked milk again
I had a dog. I kissed my dog. I yelled at my dog. I’ve lost my dog. His name was Peter

I was not inspired || I took classes.
I sat in bed every night and felt miserable. I felt miserable for feeling miserable about myself.
I never kept my parents' house as clean as I would have liked.
I changed jobs
I didn't make my bed. I hate unmade beds || I had more nightmares than usual
I worked more hours || I stopped doing regular exercise

I have not rent a house
I tried to be normal || I was really hurt by someone I love || I tried to be normal again
For the first time in my life, I slammed the door. Then I cried.
I haven’t spent the time I wanted with my family
I received new books || I stopped hiding from cameras

I dreamed about New York
I changed the templates of my blog over and over
I received a Bonsai. I haven’t Killed him…yet…
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